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A couple of days ago, I took Chloe to her very first concert and it was for band that we both love! I was lucky enough to dodge the Taylor Swift bullet, because my kids and I have the same taste in music, and Tay Tay is okay, but not good enough to see live.


Here’s a bit of background:

We love The Neighbourhood. Not just Sweater Weather, but their whole catalog. My kids and I are so obsessed with their music, that their songs are practically lullabies in our house.

When I decided to buy tickets to The Neighborhood’s #TheFlood2015 concert, I was concerned about whether or not it would be appropriate to bring Chloe – you know…cause she’s 10.

After calling the venue several times, and being assured that the show was an “all ages” show – I made the decision to take her anyway.

I was sure I was going to be the only parent there with a tween rocking out, but I realized I didn’t care what other people thought, because The Neighborhood is our favorite band.

As it turns out, I’m not the only cool/bad mother. When we arrived at Gilley’s Dallas’ Southside Ballroom, we noticed that the line was wrapped around the corner with everyone from tweens to their grandparents. Whew! It was such a relief that I wasn’t the only one. Anyway, it was Chloe’s very first concert and she had a blast! We were right at the stage, the opening acts were awesome AND #TheNBHD sounded UH-MAZZZZZING live!

Here are our fave moments from the 9/17 show in Dallas:

Hunny & Bad Suns! I admit, we were only there for Jesse and his band of misfits (yes, they are equally important and we know their names – Zach, Brandon, Mikey and Jeremy), but the opening acts were pretty fucking rad!

#WeLoveYouJesse…That Voice! We’ve watched enough YouTube videos to know that the tattooed Thin Mint known as Jesse can sing, but there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE SEEING HIM PERFORM LIVE! HE. CAN. SAAANG.
How freaking adorable is Zach? If Jesse’s the Thin Mint, Zach is the Caramel deLights. He’s so adorable and talented, and we loved watching him bop across the stage.


#ICantEven with Brandon on the drums…DUDE HAS SERIOUS SKILLS. DUUUUUUUUDE he’s just so freaking talented. I mean… I can’t…


#LeatherJacketFriendGoals…It’s obvs that every one of these guys is uber talent, but them + leather jackets = #FriendGoals. I kinda wanna be them.


New Shit…Prey, Daddy Issues, The Beach – I’ve already pre-ordered their new album Wiped Out, but I can’t wait.


#RIP2MYYOUTH Finale…We were sad the show was over, but it was a great night!


Trailer…The Dallas show was so dope, the used it as their tour trailer!

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